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Rainer Brunner

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Cluster 1’s Programs

Porosity of doctrinal frontiers

Transgressing norms

Workshops on the modern Shia Islam

Member of LEM’s cluster 1 : "Sacred books : canons and heterodoxies", Rainer Brunner is Director of Studies at the CNRS, within the LEM (UMR 8584), and a specialist in Shia Islam. He explores the relationship between two major branches of Shi’ism, namely duodecimal Shi’ism and Zaydism, in the twentieth century. He is the Editor of Die Welt des Islams (Leiden : Brill) since 2017.

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Fields of research

  Intellectual history of modern Shia Islam (19th/20th century)
  Muslim modernism and reformist movements since the 18th century.
  Sunni-Shi’i relations.
  The role of politics in theological reasoning.
  The various problems related to Muslim presence in a secular environment.

Topics of research

  Intellectual biography of Muḥammad Rashid Rida.
 Modernism and modern appropriations of classical concepts
  Criticism of clergymen and blasphemy in modern Islam
  Development of law (including public law)
  Confessional relations within Islam
  Origin and development of the Salafiyya

Selected books

Islam. Einheit und Vielfalt einer Weltreligion
Stuttgart, Kohlhammer, 2016.

Detti di Maometto. Testi tradotti da Massimo Laria (sélection, annotations et commentaire d’une collection de hadiths sunnites),
Milan (Mondadori) 2014.

Die Schia und die Koranfälschung,
Ergon Verlag, 2001.

Review’s Editor

Die Welt des Islams (Leiden : Brill).