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Marie-Odile BOULNOIS

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Marie-Odile BOULNOIS :
« “Les mystères véritables” : Origène en confrontation dans le Contre Celse et les nouvelles Homélies sur les Psaumes »

Marie-Odile BOULNOIS :
« Pourquoi Jésus a-t-il
jeûné ? L’interprétation de Mt 4, 2 et Lc 4, 2 chez les Pères grecs »

Présentation de l’équipe 2

At the head of the Cluster 2 : "Biblical exegesis, literature and religious history from Antiquity to the modern era" of the Laboratoire d’études sur les monothéismes (LEM-UMR 8584), Marie-Odile Boulnois, a specialist in ancient Christian literature, is professor at the Ecole pratique des hautes études, where she holds the chair "Greek Patristics and History of dogmas".

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Research areas

 History of the methods of interpretation in ancient Christian literature and of their stakes in the genesis of a theological rationality.
 History of the elaboration of theological doctrines and controversies between Christians.
 Controversies between pagans and Christians in Late Antiquity (Celsus, Porphyry and Julian).
 Ancient Christian reception of the Bible.
 The work of Cyril of Alexandria.

Research topics

 Interactions between Platonic philosophy and Christianity in Late Antiquity.
 Theory and practice of patristic commentaries on the Bible.
 Translation and study of Cyril of Alexandria’s Against Julian.
 The union of soul and body as a model for explaining the union of natures in Christ.
 History of the exegesis and iconography of the theophany of Mambre (Genesis 18).


 Annotated translation of Cyril of Alexandria’s Against Julian, using the Greek text edited by W. Kinzig and Th. Brüggemann (GCS NF 21) for the Collection Sources chrétiennes.
 Edition and annotated translation of the Commentary on the Gospel of John XI and XII of Cyril of Alexandria for the Collection Sources chrétiennes.

Research seminar

Greek patristics and the history of dogmas

1. The controversy between the Emperor Julian and Cyril of Alexandria on the Gospels: study of the fragments of the Contra Julianum (books XI-XIX).
2. The De Trinitate attributed to Didymus the Blind

On Wednesdays from 14:00 to 16:00, at the Sorbonne (room D064, staircase E)
Next date: Wednesday 9 November 2023.

Guest lecturer: Luciano BOSSINA, Università degli studi Padova, Italy
"Antiochian radicalism. New investigations into Christian Antioch".

Guest lecturer: Hélène GRELIER-DENEUX,
"Circulation and reconfiguration of doctrinal corpuses in early Christianity: the case of apolinarism in the 5th and 6th centuries".

Master’s course: Introduction to Greek patristics
On Wednesdays from 13:00 to 14:00, Sorbonne (room D064, staircase E)
Next date: Wednesday 9 November 2023.

> Seminar on the patristic exegesis of the parable of the rich man and the poor man Lazarus, organised by Marie-Odile
BOULNOIS, Isabelle BOCHET, Martine DULAEY and Michel FÉDOU
Thursday 24 November 2023, 1 March 2024, 24 May 2024 from 2pm to 5pm
The seminar is open to teachers, researchers and doctoral students.

Prizes and awards

 André-Germaine Lequeux Prize:
awarded by the Académie des Inscriptions et Belles Lettres (2022) for the work Cyrille d’Alexandrie, Contre Julien, t. IV (Livres VIII-IX), introduction and annotation by Marie-Odile Boulnois, translation by Marie-Odile Boulnois with the collaboration of Jean Bouffartigue, Greek text by Wolfram Kinzig and Thomas Brüggemann (GCS NF 21), Paris, Cerf, coll. "Sources chrétiennes" 624, 2021.

 Award of the Association des études grecques (1995) for Le paradoxe trinitaire chez Cyrille d’Alexandrie. Herméneutique, analyses philosophiques et argumentation théologique.

Selected books

Cyrille d’Alexandrie, Contre Julien. T. IV (Livres VIII-IX), introduction et annotation de Marie-Odile Boulnois, traduction de Marie-Odile Boulnois avec la collaboration de Jean Bouffartigue, texte grec de Wolfram Kinzig et Thomas Brüggemann (GCS NF 21), Paris, Cerf, coll. "Sources chrétiennes" 624, 2022.

Cyrille d’Alexandrie, Lettres festales I-VI et XII-XVII, introduction, traduction et notes, Paris, Éditions du Cerf, coll. « Sources Chrétiennes» 372 et 434, 1991 et 1998.

Cyrille d’Alexandrie, Contre Julien III-V, introduction et annotation de M.-O. Boulnois, traduction de J. Bouffartigue, M.-O. Boulnois et P. Castan, texte grec de Ch. Riedweg, Paris, Éditions du Cerf, coll. « Sources Chrétiennes » 582, 2016.

Le paradoxe trinitaire chez Cyrille d’Alexandrie. Herméneutique, analyses philosophiques et argumen-tation théologique, Études Augustiniennes, Série Antiquité 143, Paris, 1994, 681 p. (prix de L’Association des Etudes Grecques en 1995).

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Exegesis and reception of the Bible

Controversies and history of theology