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Christophe GRELLARD

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The place of ethics and the
figure of the monk-philosopher in Abelard

How to think heterodoxy in the Middle-Age (in french)

What am I allowed to ignore?
Faith, ignorance and the acceptable limits of orthodoxy


Introduction to the colloquium Gilson & Blumenberg

Member of LEM’s cluster 3: Ancient, medieval
and modern philosophies and theologies, Christophe Grellard is professor at the EPHE, in the Department of religious studies, and a fellow
of the LEM, UMR 8584. His chair is entitled “Medieval systems of thoughts and beliefs”. He is specialized in the history of medieval philosophy, in particular in epistemology and ethics.

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Fields of research

- History of medieval philosophy.
- Anthropology of religious beliefs.
- Nominalism and theology in late Middle-Ages.
- History of skepticism in the Middle-Ages.

Topics of research

- The problem of heterodoxy in the Middle-Ages (disbelief, dissidence, religious alterity, idolatry, atheism).
- Birth of the moral conscience at the end of the Middle-Ages and at
the beginning of early Modern Times.
- Certainty and probabilism.
- Religion and rituals from Antiquity to the end of the Middle-Ages.

Current projects

Co-organization, since 2014, of the workshop “Comparative anthropology of beliefs” (with Frédéric Fruteau de Laclos, U. Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne).

Studies in preparation

1) Translation and commentary of Pierre Abélard, Les Entretiens (Collationes);
2) Preparation of a book on the question of invincible ignorance, from Peter Abelard to Las Casas;
3) Translation of the Policraticus (in collaboration with F. Lachaud, Y. Sassier, C. Giraud, E. Marguin, J.-Y. Tilliette and D. Poirel), to be published by the Belles-Lettres.

Research seminar

Medieval systems of thoughts and beliefs
1. Peter Abelard’s Ethica
2. The concept of intention in the Middle Ages : Philosophy of language, theology and law (in collaboration with Irène Rosier, Corinne Leveuleux-Texeira and Raphaël Eckert)
Sorbonne, Staircase E, 2nd floor, room D052
Every Friday from 1pm to 3pm
Resumption date: November 2019

Selected books

Genèses antiques et médiévales de la foi

With Ph. Hoffmann et L. Lavaud (dir.),
Turnhout, Brepols-Institut d’études augustiniennes, 2019.

Miroir de l’amitié, Paris, Payot, 2018.

De la certitude volontaire. Débats nominalistes sur la foi à la fin du Moyen Âge, Paris, Publications de la Sorbonne, 2014.

With F. Lachaud, A Companion to John of Salisbury, Leiden-Boston, Brill, 2014.

Jean de Salisbury et la renaissance médiévale du scepticisme, Paris, Les Belles Lettres, 2013.

Croire et savoir. Les principes de la connaissance selon Nicolas d’Autrécourt, Paris, Vrin, 2005.

Traduction : Nicolas d’Autrécourt, Correspondance. Articles condamnés, introduction, transl. and notes by C. Grellard, Paris, Vrin, coll. « Sic et Non », 2001.

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