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Member of LEM’s cluster 1 : Holy Books and heterodoxies, Anna Van den Kerchove is working on hermetic, gnostic and Manichean writings ; she is teaching “History of ancient Christianism and patristic” at the Institut protestant de théologie, Faculty of Paris.

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Fields of research

 Gnostic and Manichean branches.
 How the different corpus of doctrines were made ; relations shared between the different branches.
 Ritual practices.

Topics of research

 Translation and study of the Manichean Kephalaia of Berlin.
 Interaction between the varied Christian branches and the philosophical branches in Late Antiquity.
 Theological and doctrinal debates between Christian branches.Traduction et étude des Kephalaia manichéens de Berlin.

Current projects

Studies in preparation : the translation and commentary of the Manichean Kephalaia of Berlin.

Research seminar / teaching

ACTA PILATI IPT/EPHE Anna VAN DEN KERCHOVE, Jean-Daniel DUBOIS (EPHE) and other contributors ; edition and commentary of apocryphal texts regarding Pontius Pilate, which we still possess in many ancient languages (Greek, Latin, Syriac, Coptic, Georgian, Armenian, Arabic, Ge’ez, Slavic, etc.), in order to publish them in the Corpus Scriptorum Series Apocryphorum. A good knowledge in at least one of these languages is required. Dates and locations will be communicated on request. To know more : Anna VAN DEN KERCHOVE anna.van-den-kerchove@iptheologie.fr

Greek : translation of Philo and some Christian texts relating to Mosis.

Ancient History > Anna VAN DEN KERCHOVE and • M1-M2R : Formation of biblical canons. In collaboration with scholars in Old and New Testament Studies. January 2021, 18-21.

There will also be three seances about the Gospel of Thomas. Thursday, for the dates, contact Anna Van den Kerchove.

• L1 : Introduction to the history of ancient Christianism. The point of this class is to study the way sectarians of Jesus developed during the first centuries of the Common Era ; we will try to cover the groundwork of such development by putting it in the historical context of the Roman Empire. Friday [2pm-4:30pm]

• L2-L3 : Christians traveling, between reality and imaginary. We will study travels in Antiquity, the ones of Christians as well as the ones of ideas and objects. Questions of diffusion, adaptations will be studied.Friday [10h45am-12h30am]

Selected books

La voie d’Hermès. Traités hermétiques et pratiques rituelles,
Leyde, Brill, 2012.

Hermès Trismégiste – Le messager divin,
Paris, Entrelacs, 2017.

Gnose et manichéisme. Entre les oasis d’Égypte et la Route de la Soie.
Hommage à Jean-Daniel Dubois, codirection avec Luciana Soares

Turnhout, Brepols, 2017.

Noms barbares I.
Formes et contextes d’une pratique magique, codirection avec M. Tardieu et M. Zago
Turnhout, Brepols, 2013.